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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  November 2, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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sexual conduct. >> let me say one thing, i'm here with these doctors and that's what i'm going to talk about. don't even bother asking me all these other question that is you all are curious about. don't bother. >> reporter: the pushing and jostling continued as doctors defended the republican candidate. >> now that he's a front-runner, everyone is trying to distract from the real arguments and story. the real story is about health care. >> it's very difficult being in politics. it is. i admire individual who is have the courage to step out there knowing they are going to be attacked in multiple ways. people will make information up about you. there's is of the accusations about cain have been limited. one of the two women wants to go
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public. that isn't happening because of a confidentiality agreement signed when cain was ceo 1990 are suppo appears undeterr. a in journey to the white ; e. forwardyd9 callingab that's why we are doing as well as we are in this campaign thus far. y'all are supposed to applaud. [ applause ] >> reporter: late .0mzics mont ,nsq are2kcks. dec old % >>t janwatrel, >>t janwatrel, accusers county. of the of?$
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the president on c to bridge as a backdrop. he said it's one of many bridges around the country that could be fixed if the infrastructure portion of the jobs bill is passed. he them hob g]0x john boehner by name. >> if congress tells you they don't have time. they have time to do it.éñaçave on z to he's joining the 20 at the economic summit. on friday, he will be there. thousands of protesters are already there.
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they have been demonstrating all week. y rockvp! accused wi hands of a to es a04 is at the courthouse in rockville with the latest. >> reporter: good evening. goc homep7ix men or xçf@n g go go inv immediately after closing arguments. britney norwood was called an tn actress investigators lawyer,á t says#b
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lululemon to another. he called norwood's whenbñated. defense lawyer, doug wood says she was the$ this occurred. she was delusional. this was impulsive, spur of the graph left 5y#/l&ú> 8 not have to look at the graphic photographs of their daughter. the defendant's mother and sister left the courtroom. her father stayed and listened. norwood her she
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the mu jy"pshowthis. as on her body. 100 of :y&yay aroun andpla> fibe fro attacker. murray was alive throughout alld murray was alive throughout alld knife,e can't3 cutters, a rope around her neck. fibers and blood from the rope found medical examiner, you can't al''> ñh the jury has two choices to make the find the defendant guilty or not guilty of first degree premeditated murder. the second choice is guilty or not guilty of second degree murder. the jury began deliberations at 5:45. chris gordon?jz&-we óq communications or if a verdict is reached tonight. vernon.lq'5z;
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snatch her during her walk to school friday. cou 14-year-old aft approached her at an intersection in mt. vernon. people. testified lawsi aime afternoon. they say since mid the the police have >>) th attacks on transgender people. but, the advocates claim that â#v
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of c violence against their pushing to to á prostitutionxk3 updatr" et cetera on tegy of crime.h+é< d isç/ cf1 o people going workk wash it was a secret trip, but they want the redskins back in town. the training facility would be a nice start. the washington redskins with a tough 3-4 record are practicing in virginia wednesday preparing for sunday's game against the 49ers. now, they have confirmed mayor gray made a one-day trip to tampa to view the modern
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training facilities for the buccaneers in hopes of luring them to the old rfk. a luxury team hotel and hall of fame for fans year round. possibly, a new hospital. sources say former redskins greg owens took the mayor and councilmembers brown and evans on the secret trip. news 4 learned city officials angry that word the trip leaked out hope to reach an agreement with the team owner to move the facilities that could occur over several years. since tony williams and fenty reported private conversations between the city and the redskins about returning to play in washington at a new team stadium. mayor gray acknowledged that again but declined to offer statements about it. bruce allen joined the redskins
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from tampa and praised the training facilities there. the city would make rfk and surrounding land available to the team which would be responsible for building any new facilities. no surprise, no one will comment on the story. the redskins haven't returned phone calls. >> was this official? if so, what did it cost taxpayers? >> i think it was official. they say they paid their own way down there. it was not on the record. the mayor said he had meetings and work at the wilson building. >> he doesn't like leaks, does he? >> he doesn't. he's furious this one leaked out. >> there you go again. >> we'll talk with him about it tomorrow. we'll be after him. >> thank you. >> we'll depend on that. >> maybe the redskins will win and people won't care whether they play or not. >> thank you tom sherwood. coming up, more league
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trouble for the founder of wikileaks website. a mother and son from germantown murdered. the man accused of the crime is here to face charges. extensive damage caused by the earthquake. doug, what's ahead in weather? >> a cool night tonight. a beautiful day tomorrow, then changes coming in. i'll show you what the weekend is looking like in a minute. dan are you there? yeah, i see you. >> redskins sacked again. i'm serious. the burgundy and gold hopes they drop by. a hunch sending alex ovechkin to the bench. what the captain
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a court in britain ruled against julian assange today. he's the founder of the wikileaks organization. he's fighting extradition to sweden. two women accused him of sex crimes. michelle has the report. >> reporter: today at the royal courts of justice in london, julian assange lost his attempt to fight extradition to sweden where he faces allegations of sexual misconduct. two women accuse him of having
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unwelcome, unprotected sex with them. he made a brief statement as he left saying he's been charged with no crime in any country. in the past, he called the accusations against him lies and a political conspiracy. >> no doubt, there will be many attempts made to try and spin these proceedings as they occur today. they are technical. >> reporter: he was arrested in britain on this swedish warrant about a year ago. since then, he's been staying at a friend's mansion under house arrest. he will be extradited to sweden unless he appeals within two weeks time. today, his lawyer would not say weather or not they will file the appeal and if they did so, on what grounds it would be. back to you. >> the law firm handling the extradition case says there may
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be an announcement about his intentions tomorrow. occupy wall street is heating up in oakland, california. thousands of protesters marched the streets. they are vowing to picket banks to take over foreclosed homes. a rally in oakland ended with tear gas and arrests. in philadelphia, a dozen protesters were arrested after holding a sit-in at comcast headquarters, which is our parent company. thousands of japanese american soldiers who fought with this country in world war ii. congress awarded the congressional medal -- the congressional gold medal to the 19,000 members of the 100th infantry battalion and the military intelligence. many of them had their loyalty questioned after the bombing of
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pearl harbor. they had family members forced into camps. despite all that, those units were among the most highly decorated in war. the gold medal is the nation's highest civilian award. the host of the world's longest running television game show is retiring after five decades. mac announced he's stepping down at the host of "it's academic." he's been hosting it here for 50 years. wtop radio's anchor has been filling in for him. >> filling in but not replacing. nobody can ever replace him. the dude is awesome. >> he'll still be hanging around the building. i can't imagine this place without him. >> let's hope so. >> it's a great show to watch, too. >> it is. fun to watch. fun to be outside today. >> yeah. >> nice. nice. this is what fall is supposed to
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feel like, isn't it? >> you are right, doreen. this is how it is supposed to be. this is the way things are going remain over the next week or two with a couple hiccups here and there. out there now, there you go, this is the way fall is supposed to look. beautiful outside across the area as the sun is making its way down and already set. look at the fall color out there now. high temperature did reach 60 degrees. the low a cool 41 degrees. i think we are starting the driest stretch since june. we saw the snowstorm yesterday. now we are talking very dry conditions over the next couple days. 55 degrees, the current temperature. winds out of the south. tonight, a lot of stars out there. mostly clear skies. 58 in martinsburg. 55 in culpeper. fredericksburg coming in at 59 degrees. waldorf, 58. closer to the metro area,
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gaither 54. fairfax county, 56 degrees. doppler radar, nothing to show you here. tough go way out to the west to see where the next chance of moisture is coming from. this one, just like the last storm, denver, colorado saw a storm last week that brought them six inches of snow. they saw another one today. all the snowfalling there, they received close to a foot of snow. take a look at the video shot earlier today. a lot of trees down as a result of the leaves on the trees. we saw similar conditions in the east in maryland and all the way up the coast. denver is seeing the second big snowstorm in less than a week. how about that? for us, this time it's different. that storm, last time, passed over the area. that was the one that gave us the snow. this passes farther to the south. we are going to see a few
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clouds. during the day, a high variety. high pressure moves in for tomorrow. sunshine. thursday, mostly sunny skies and we watch for the area of low pressure that brought the snow to denver to make its way toward the region. watch how it stays to the south. showers stay to the south. the best chance for us to see rain could be the northern neck and maryland. a 30% chance of rain. washington and places to the north, almost no chance now. it's looking better and better. behind this, high pressure is going to settle on in. it's going to bring in chilly air late in the day on friday. friday will turn breezy. saturday, breezy and chilly. high temperatures only in the low 50s. most areas down in the upper 20s on saturday morning. saturday is going to be a cool one. we rebound very, very quickly. clear and chilly. crisp but nice. dropping to 49 degrees in the city. tomorrow morning, clear skies continue to cool.
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32 to 41 inside the beltway. tomorrow afternoon, plenty of sunshine with high clouds from time-to-time. a great day. 59 to 64 degrees. winds out of the southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. this is the little hiccup i'm talking about. maybe a sprinkle or two from the south. then cold air moves in. 36 in the morning. 60 on sunday with plenty of sunshine there. we'll do the longevity walk on the mall. come down to that to help us out. monday, tuesday and wednesday, this is where things get really nice. we go above average with temperatures in the mid-60s to start out next week. that is a seven day period there. go back two more days, it's nine days without rain. >> it's good to have something to look forward to. >> it is. i like that. >> thank you. a pilot hailed as a hero after touching down without a landing gear.
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don't expect to hear praise from him. why he says the landing could have been better. metro dealing with fallout metro dealing with fallout from the deadly red il, any luc? not yet. i want to buy used but how do you know what you're really getting. check out carmax. all their used cars are guaranteed.
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police in new york city say a philanthropist is in a coma now because of a halloween prank.
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on sunday, hedges and her 13-year-old son were leaving a target store at a mall in east harlem after buying halloween candy. two 12-year-old boys dropped a shopping cart on her from a walk way four stories overhead. she worked on community projects to help underprivileged children. >> that's somebody's mother, somebody's child. think how she feels. >> her husband says it's too soon to know her long term prognosis. the best case scenario is she has months of rehabilitation ahead. the boys said they did not know anyone was below them. metro is expecting a 5% drop in ridership this upcoming here. 220 million trips could fall to about 215 million. that would be a three-year low.
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transit authorities blame high unemployment as well as a deadly crash back in 2009. they also talk about frequent escalator outages. ridership on metro buses is expected to go up by 1%. also today, testing began for d.c. residents looking to become bus operators. it's because of the city's new jobs program. >> i have seen people frustrated because they said i filled out a lot of applications. i have, you know, been on a lot of interviews and they haven't made any connection yet. sometimes this is frustrating to the inner city people, especially people that don't have any income. >> the mayor says there are at least 100 current vacancies for bus and train operators. the city placed 330 d.c. residents in jobs in various sectors thanks to the one city one hire program. the pilot of the polish
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airliner forced to land without wheels is being hailed as a hero. tonight, he's talking about the ordeal for the first time. the plane carries 230 passengers had to land on its belly at the warsaw airport when the landing gear malfunctioned. the pilot said he was relieved when he learned all the passengers evacuated safely. while he's glad the landing was a success, every pilot would have done the same thing. he keeps wondering if he could have done a better job. passengers on board said the landing was so smooth, they thought the wheels were down. >> that's pretty good. >> yeah. coming up, murder suspect transferred from north carolina to maryland to face charges in the death of his estranged wife and 11-year-old stepson. a metro rider helps catch a criminal. how they say the suspect was stealing from passengers. also, news of interest to people who haven't paid parking tickets recently.
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stay tuned. coming up in sports, alex ovechkin reacts to getting benched last night. college football you have to see and the redskins ready for a season t ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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even more controversy surrounding herman cain. according to the associated press, a third woman came forward and accused him of inappropriate behavior back when he was heading the restaurant association. a spokesman for cain says his critics have been unsuccessful in attacking his ideas so they are resorting to personal attacks. cain was inial exand ria where he refused to answer questions about the harassment cases. britney norwood is charged with first degree murder in the beating and stabbing death of murray. the last witness was a medical examiner who testified murray was alive during the attack and suffered hundreds of wounds. defense rested without calling any witnesses. d.c. officials are working to bring the redskins training facilities back to rfk stadium.
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mayor vincent bray went on a secret trip to check out the modern training facility last week. d.c. officials would not comment on that trip or on any possible deal. the man accused of murdering his estranged wife and her 11-year-old son returned to montgomery county today. >> his name is curtis lopez. he's been in north carolina for three weeks. pat collins has more from police headquarters in rockville. pat? >> reporter: curtis lopez said to be public enemy number one in montgomery county. brought back to the county today where he'll face charges in a high profile case of double murder. now they tried to talk to him before. they are trying to talk to him again. >> they are going to try to interview him here? >> that's krekts. >> reporter: he wasn't cooperating in north carolina. do you think he'll cooperate here? >> i don't know. he'll have the opportunity to speak, if he wants to.
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>> reporter: he's been held in charlotte, north carolina for weeks after police made a long distance arrest in this case lopez, charged in the murder of his 51-year-old wife, jane mcquain, her body found in the bedroom of her germantown bedroom back on october 12th. police believe she'd been dead for some time lopez, soon to be charged in the death of his stepson, william mcquain. the body of the 12-year-old boy found in a wooded area in clarksburg on october 18. he had been missing for more than two weeks. police have security camera video that shows lopez and william together on october 1st. the day they believe the young man was murdered. how william was killed? they say it was chilling. >> beaten to death? >> that's correct. it was a gruesome and horrific
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scene. i spoke with detectives, pat. they said it was some of the worst they had ever seen. >> reporter: tonight, lopez will be booked, fingerprinted and held here in jail. i'm pat collins, news 4, montgomery county. lopez's first court appearance could be tomorrow. police are looking at a gunman who opened fire in forestville, maryland killing a man and injuring a woman. it happened just after 8:00 last night on walter's lane. the male victim is 27-year-old anthony washington. he was killed. a 33-year-old woman was wounded. she is expected to be okay. the gunman was wearing all black including a black mask. investigators are revealing nearby surveillance camera for clues. a pickpocket got more than she bargained for. she tried to rob a woman but the victim was able to get all her stuff back thanks to help from
6:34 pm
nearby riders and the transit police. derrick ward has the report. >> reporter: she's a regular metro rider. no stranger to crowds or broken escalators or being jostled a bit by other riders. there was something different about the contact at the bottom of the escalator. >> it was gut instringt. it felt stronger than a rush hour nudge. within milliseconds i looked in my bag, turned around, realized my small purse was missing and somebody sketchy looking was standing behind me. >> reporter: she fell victim to a pickpocket. what the would be victim did was unusual for her. she doesn't think she would do it again or recommend it. she grabbed her bag back. when the wok started to take off, she went after her. >> my parents said it's just stuff. stuff can be replaced. if i had gotten hurt, that might not have been so fixable. >> reporter: she wasn't the only
6:35 pm
one who saw what happened and decided to come out of the cocoon many of us go into. >> somebody yelled to call 911. somebody else called a nearby police and they came running. they got her and they got her to the ground. >> reporter: regular riders we spoke to said they are aware they could become prey to those looking for more than a ride on metro. >> i'm careful. relatively safe. >> reporter: how are you careful? >> just being aware of my presence and who is around me. >> a lot of people, after working a long day, shopping, their head is not always in it. be aware of your surroundings. >> reporter: the suspect didn't appear to be your run of the mill pickpocket. >> she had product from a local store. >> the victim will probably lose the ear buds in a crowd. >> i'm going to be more careful walking home now. derrick ward, news 4. the damage to the washington
6:36 pm
monument has been well documented after the earthquake in august. another iconic structure was also damaged. arlington house, the former home of robert e. lee suffered significant damage. the quake shifted the building as much as a quarter of on inch causing large cracks. parts of the home are closed now. they believe the structure is sounld. repairs aren't expected to be finished until march. the national cathedral has been damaged. a week long program of events to celebrate the reopening. the first sunday service since the quake will be the next day. the rest of the week with various concerts and programs. the plan to put a whole foods market in prince george's county.
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[ boy's voice ] hi, samantha.
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[ girl's voice ] hi todd, do you wanna be my boyfriend? [ chuckles ] sure! great -- gimme your melt. myy--melt? [ singsong voice ] yeah. i'm your girlfriend now. ahh, i don't think this is working out. [ male announcer ] get your own subway steak melt. like the steak & cheese -- layers of juicy steak and bubbly, melted cheese. subway. eat fresh. hello, everybody. welcome back. i'm meteorologist, doug kammerer. right here, watching over the next couple days what i think is a great stretch of weather.
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this evening looking nice. 55 degrees out there. winds out of the south at 8 miles per hour. it's going to be another chilly night. 42 in washington for an overnight low. 32 in frederick. 33 to the south in culpeper. many areas waking up to chilly temperatures. you'll need the jacket as you step outside. the kids at the bus stop tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, the jackets come off. a beautiful day, high around 63 in washington. 61 in gaithersburg. charlottesburg coming in at 64 degrees. a beautiful day for tomorrow and looking good for the weekend. we are going to run into changes there. if you want to ask me any questions, you can do so at look me up on facebook or twitter. we'll have the extended forecast in a couple minutes. >> thanks, doug. look at the first images of
6:41 pm
an active underwater volcano. it's off the coast of the canary islands. it's pushing lava up for three weeks now. hundreds have evacuated for precaution. they are monitoring the volcano. it's risen 300 feet above the seabed and could spill out above the atlantic ocean, maybe create a new island. >> take our word for it, it's down there somewhere. there are people all over the place who are dreaming because they are hoping to cash in on a $245 million power ball jackpot. know the odds are very much against you. more than 170 million to 1. still, for a buck or two, oh, boy. what they would do if they won. >> i can't imagine with 200-some many dollars. >> travel and not worry about working anymore. >> retire and enjoy it. i have a big family, so i need
6:42 pm
all of that. i'm going to have to give away $50 million to keep them away. >> even that might not be enough. the jackpot has been building since september 17th. if somebody wins tonight, the cash option on the prize is set atmore than 146 million bucks. that's not bad. >> it's fun to dream. >> it is. that's all most of us will be doing. >> what time do we have the get our ticket by? >> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> we have to hurry. before we go buy a ticket, tell us what's going on in sports. >> redskins hit the jackpot against the 49ers. all they want is a win. they are taking on carlos rogers. a benchingenched.
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one of the things we like about dan, he probes deeply to find a gem. something good to talk about. it's not all bad, right? >> this is bad. it's way worse than we thought it was going to be. it's not that bad. it's an interesting nugget from the bills game. >> what? >> they gave up an extra sack. >> who did? >> the redskins. >> you mean more than seven, is that what you mean?
6:46 pm
>> yeah. they had a lot. >> wow. >> jim and doreen want to move on. we can't do it. we keep getting reminders of the bills debacle. the nfl credited the bills with ten sacks instead of nine. it's the most the redskins have ever given up in a game. you have to feel bad. the last chance he had to start in the nfl was with the one win miami dolphins. they lost nearly every bullet in their chamber. five starters are down. it's a team talking playoffs a couple weeks ago. if beck and the redskins don't play better, the sect shot at the starting job won't last longer than the stint did in miami. >> there's definitely things i could have done to help out and could have made a difference. like i said, just avoiding things here and there. the good thing is, i feel like our team is ready to move forward. the last week was one where you
6:47 pm
have to say, okay, that was gut wrenching. that wasn't us. it's not us. we know that's not us. let's move ahead and put that behind us. >> i think we lost our swagger in offense. we were coming in, executing and doing the little things right. we kind of got away from the little things. it's not guys being lazy or not prepared. at the same time, we are lacking, you know, a belief that we had in understanding what we want to do and where we want to go with it. enough is enough. the program has been a losing program, a losing franchise for awhile. we want to change that. it's not a fun feel. >> what former redskin said if you ain't got swag, you ain't got nothing? john riggens. i don't know, who? >> fred smith. >> really. >> if you don't have swag, you don't have anything. as for injuries, trent williams is getting better. no word on if he'll play sunday.
6:48 pm
fred davis did not practice today. with the 49ers coming to town, the return of carlos rogers. he played six years in washington. his hands were carved from granite. as soon as he leaves, he turns into dionne sanders. carlos looking forward to coming back. there's no animosity toward the redskins organization. >> if i was one of them guys they released, they cut, something like that, you know, i had the mind set i wanted to be become that washington. they didn't offer me something like that, it would have been different. me, i was ready to leave two years ago. it's a relief. it's overrated for me. i want to play against them guys. hopefully we come out with a win, a bragging right against my friends. the owner, the coaches, i don't pay attention to them. >> he knows these guys.
6:49 pm
he knows some of these guys. probably doesn't know the rookies. he knows armstrong. he's going to be able to face them this week. we'll see. >> carlos talks all the time. he's doing good this year. you can't blame him. they are doing a good job this year. go deep about five times and have our victory. one redskins receiver who shall remain nameless, initials t.a. said he burned rogers all the time in practice and couldn't wait to get matched up against him again. this is going to be fun. >> this is different. >> that it is. that it is. carlos is a different player than he was in washington. nice touchdown dance and everything there. let's talk hockey. caps win in overtime. it was big. the bigger story is they did it with alex ovechkin on the bench, at least part of him.
6:50 pm
ovi was sat in one of the most crucial moments of the third period. sitting did not sit well with ovechkin. they shaped things up and down. he said we have to do something here. over ten minutes to go in the game. 4-2. brower. his shot gets behind, falls in and perot crashes the net. it's 4-3. under two minutes left. a time out. pulls the goalie. tells ovi, you're not playing, bro. i'm not sure exactly what he says but it had something to do with bruce's body type, i believe. there's under a minute left. jason has his shot saved. kicked out. that is the game time goal with 42 seconds left. the bench is loving it. even ovi. we are going to overtime. in overtime, ovechkin did play. along the boards to schultz.
6:51 pm
back in front of the net. that's the game winner. capitals take it, 5-4. they are a perfect 6-0 at home. benching ovi was the right decision. no star treatment this year. >> of course i want to be on the ice. you know, it doesn't matter what i said. what i said, it's -- i don't know, it's a big story. again, it's a little bit frustrating. i have responsibility, but, you know, bruce in line. it worked. >> i played a lot of hunches in my time that haven't worked, but nobody asked me about them. so, this one worked and, you know, 99% of the time, alex is the first guy i'm looking at.
6:52 pm
but, these guys were going good. >> all right. so he benches him. he makes his point, then he doesn't embarrass him because he's back in the game during overtime. it worked. >> a smart next, the story abouo
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6:54 pm
great danes who share a common bond.
6:55 pm
we have breaking news now. the jury in the lululemon trial has a verdict. chris gordon has details. >> reporter: we got notice the jury returned a notice. this is within an hour of beginning deliberations. it's a quick verdict. we do not know what it is. if it's guilty or not guilty to first degree murder. the defendant charged with killing jana murray on march 11th. if the jury is unanimous, it is a verdict of either guilty or not guilty of first degree murder. if they say not guilty, of that, then it's two second degree murder. the jury is unanimous. they have returned a verdict. we are monitoring it for you. we will let you know if it is guilty or not guilty, first or second degree murder. >> in the quick time they deliberated, what is the likelihood it will be a guilty verdict? does that matter at all?
6:56 pm
>> reporter: it is likely. fast verdicts usually break for the prosecutor. they are asking for first degree premeditated murder. that is just analysis, not reporting. >> chris gordon, thanks. we'll be standing by waiting to hear the word. a popular grocery store is eyeing prince george's county as the next stop to set up shop. not everybody is keen on whole foods coming to town. darcy spencer has more on why some residents take their shopping somewhere else. >> reporter: this 37 acre parcel heavily wooded land may one day look like this, a town center anchored bay whole foods market. it would be the first whole foods location in prince george's county. >> the devil is in the details. we would love to have a whole foods, see the expanded tax base. on the other hand, we don't want to see the existing community run over to get it. >> reporter: the main issue is
6:57 pm
access. the property is along a congested route 1. developers are told to work on ways to ease traffic. jackie lives across the street from the undeveloped property and worries about the noise it will make. >> it's good for investment, but if you want it for your primary home, it's too much for me. >> reporter: it would include a fitness center, hotel and close to 1,000 housing units. getting the project approved requires a zoning change. it would be a major boost to the economy here. right now, the entire budget for the town is $5 million a year. this project would bring in $1.2 million in tax revenue. it will increase property values and in this economy, it's a bad thing. >> they tell us it's a plus. we say it's a negative. we just don't need to pay more taxes to have whole foods coming to our neighborhood. >> reporter: the land is owned
6:58 pm
by a woman. she tells news 4 she's working on providing access to the property including a bridge to limit access. >> yeah, whole foods, but we have to make sure the whole project works. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4. if it's approved, they would open in december, 2013. coming up, new accusations fly in the herman cain sexual harassment scandal. a family found a raw chicken foot inside their kids halloween candy. a police officer thooz help a superhero. those stories and more tonight at 11:00. the weather the next couple days looking good. as a matter of fact, not just good, but great. we are going to go through a cooldown on friday night into the day on saturday, but then really rebounding nicely.
6:59 pm
60 on sunday. 65 on monday. 66 on tuesday. i think we are looking at probably one of the nicest stretches that we have seen in quite some time as far as little or lack there of of precipitation. >> thanks. >> we are talking about a service dog for a dog. they are great danes that live in england. lily is the white one. a medical condition left her blind when she was a puppy. the other is named madison. they have been running buddies their entire lives. madison acts as lily's eyes. this past summer they were brought to a shelter because the owner could no longer care for them. they knew separating the dogs was out of the question. it took months. now, they have found a family willing to adopt both dogs. that is so cool. >> what a great story. >> it is, indeed. that's it for us. "nightly news" coming up next. stay tuned for nbc 4.


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